Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HEY!!! It's been awhile...

Hi Friends, remember us??? Were the Harris'!!!! I'm so sorry about abandoning our blog. I am kind of embarrassed that I have not updated in almost 6 months, whoops. Well, anyway, let me try to catch you up. Adelyn turned 1 in March and we celebrated with a pink explosion, she was a bit overwhelmed but it was a good memory. As of April she has been walking everywhere, honestly, I feel like she just started out running. She jabbers all the time, if only we all knew what she was saying, too funny.
As for Adelyn's parents well time is flying by as Spencer just finished or shall I say survived his first year residency and starting into his second, woo hoo!!! Things are good. We are loving our neighborhood, church, friends, and "little miss busy body" also known as Adelyn Day. It's been good to catch up, see you in six months. Ha! Ha! Just kidding, I am going to do better!!!


Jessi said...

There you are!!!!

Congratulations on surviving the Intern year....movin' on up the food chain! Woohoo!

Little Adelyn Day is just darling...don't you just love those little girl swimsuits?!

Hope you guys are doing well...and please don't let it be another 6 months until we hear from you again. *wink*

Matt and Jenny Mitchell said...

Oh my gosh, she is perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, and adorable- just like mama! We miss your family so much, I so want to see you, spencer, and adelyn! she is beyond precious gretchen. miss and love you guys lots. hope all is well

sarajworley said...

Welcome back! So good to hear about you guys again. Adelyn is getting so big. She's beautiful! Miss you guys.